Saturday, 28 August 2004

Carry On Camping

Once more woken up in the middle of the night. A mouse has chewed the rope holding the mosquito net frame and it cracked me on the head at about 4am. We are waiting for some of our things to arrive by sea(snail)-freight, including a tent. I shall take to sleeping in it in the garden, away from the mice. The house we are living in is a folly. The mice are getting in through holes in the roof. There are too many holes to patch up, especially as the roof is beyond the reach of any human being. Which begs the question, who built this thing, Giants? So what have we come to, and is it worse than what we left behind? Take the Quiz!!

About your dwelling place, would you rather have:

1. Chickens or pigeons?
2. Ugly winged termite things or seagulls?
3. Mice or crackheads?
4. Bats or bastard neighbours with too-loud music?
5. Free organic fruit on the trees or Waitrose?