Monday, 2 August 2004

All Aboard For Victoria Falls

There is no way that the LR will make it to Katima, so we switch to Plan B. 6am Chicken Bus to Livingstone, and on to Victoria Falls. Great. Actually the bus is fine. Lusaka bus station has not yet turned into a heaving wracketing mob mess, and the bus is actually a double-decker coach. There is not a chicken or a goat in sight amongst the luggage. We settle in. About half an hour into the journey I am very grateful for the ‘large’ earplugs I have brought with me. Eardrum-busting music is blared out at full volume throughout the coach. I spend the first half of the journey being forced to listen (albeit muffled) to The Greatest Hits of Westlife. Except it’s not Westlife, but some band imitating them – something to do with copyright and broadcasting no doubt. Thing is, none of Westlife’s greatest hits seem to be anything to do with Westlife either.

Once ‘Westlife’ have been aired we are subjected to some awful awful American C movie about bombs, assassinations, car chases and conspiracy. And to think I could be in the UK watching Fahrenheit 911…