Monday, 19 July 2004

Talk to the Animals Pt 2

The Husband’s latent farmer is alive and kicking. Tonight it’s ‘Making a Compost Pit’. He decides to dig a pit and put a lid on it. An old concrete slab lying by the long-drop is chosen for the job of cover-up. In line with such sayings as ‘Let sleeping dogs lie’ and ‘Rolling stones gather no moss’ can I please add ‘In the winter season of hibernating animals, in a country where deadly critters live, do not go turning over old stones.’ There is a snake under the slab. The Husband skips away la-la-la. Word quickly spreads. About the snake I mean, not the skipping. A neighbouring man, who knows about such things, appears in a pair of giant rubber boots and wielding a spade. A couple of hits and the snake is dead. It’s a gunmetal grey colour, about 2 feet long. The Husband enquires about its status on the poisonous scale. He is told it’s right up there, very deadly, will definitely kill you. Of course we have no way of knowing if this is true or not, not being snake experts, but hey, it will make a great story.