Friday, 23 July 2004

Sam is Dead, Long Live Sam

One of those huge flat spiders has been living on the wall in the long drop for as long as we’ve been here. Today I notice that he is now hanging from the door in a collapsed state. He looks like a jellyfish, all dangly legs. I think he’s dead.

The Mouse has changed shitting venue. Apparently the bookshelves in the living room are no longer good enough for him, and only the kitchen worksurface next to the vegetables will do.

I notice that the soap in the kitchen appears to be stripping the paint off the surfaces. The Husband – who knows about such things – explains that a key ingredient of soap is caustic soda, any residue of which ought to be rinsed off during the manufacturing process. Clearly this is cheap soap which hasn’t been rinsed. I idly wonder what it’s doing to the skin on my hands.