Tuesday, 27 July 2004

Germination Trouble

The Husband is frantic because the seeds he has planted are not germinating (I am of course referring to vegetables). I suggest that the soil is crap. He thinks he has been sold some duds. Or that taking them in a plane has damaged them (??). Perhaps Milly has been cleaning them? She’s probably been wondering why there is a row of plastic bottles full of dirt in the kitchen. Casting my mind back to kindergarten days I vaguely remember germinating seeds on cotton wool. Of course I also have vague memories of making a Santa Claus out of toilet tube with a cotton wool beard. And a Christmas tree decoration made from a potato (ah, the Irish!) also with a cotton wool trim. My mother found the potato thing months later, sprouting in a cupboard. But I digress. The Husband raids our medical supplies for cotton wool. He selects cotton swabs which I don’t think are quite the same thing. He puts the swabs in some cut down tonic bottles, damps them down and puts some broad bean seeds on top. We shall see what happens.