Monday, 12 July 2004

Gaaah! Socks with Sandals!

Now here’s the thing. This place is full of dust. It is a veritable dust mountain. So the idea is to wear flip-flops which can be easily shrugged off when entering a building so as not to traipse the dust mountains inside. Except it’s bloody freezing here at the moment! The dilemma being, obviously the foot needs more coverage than the humble flip-flop, but boots and shoes take too long to remove if you’re doing it every ten minutes. In an effort to stop my toes turning blue I put some socks on before the flip-flops. Certainly my feet are warmer. However I fear I resemble one of those German men with handbags and maroon trousers. Hastily re-shape eyebrows in attempt at keeping up Western (and non-German man) appearances and also hoping to distract from strange footwear. Now the cleverati amongst you will think why didn’t I bring some slip-on shoes which are easy to take off yet allow the wearer to have socks on the feet without fear of ridicule. Answer: it’s hard to think of everything.

Note: Do those Japanese kimono ladies have socks specially made with a forked toe? It’s bloody hard to get a flip-flop on over a sock.

Note 2: Like anyone here cares. The office is full of people in woolly hats and fingerless gloves.