Monday, 5 July 2004

Easy Money

Finally, after months of planning, we arrive at Heathrow. We are a bit apprehensive about the luggage, as it is very overweight. It seems that thing of standing on the scales in denial at the figures and hopping about from one foot to the other etc, applies also to suitcases. The allowance is 23 kilos each. We think we have ‘about 25, so that should be ok’. It’s closer to 30. We get to check-in and are told that there is no space on the plane as they have overbooked the flight. So near and yet so far.

Things look up when we are offered £500 compensation and a flight via Jo’burg a few hours later. Hey, what’s a few hours hanging around an airport when you’re being paid for it. They also ignore our very heavy bags. This is good. We go to the cashier’s desk (did you know airlines had cash desks???) to collect our money. This is the easiest dosh I have ever made. There is a three for two offer at Boots as well, hurrah!