Tuesday, 6 July 2004

An Arrival...of sorts

Finger Drummin' Good In the inevitable in-between waiting time at Jo’burg airport I decide it might be an idea to get some food. I have already passed over an assorted handful of mixed currency when I remember that this is Africa, where fast food is not really all that fast. I wait half an hour for some fried chicken and chips. It’s good though.

Praise the Lord
In the queue for aeroplane number two we are stuck behind a Bill Clinton looky-likey and his raggle-taggle posse. Bill is speaking in a very loud Southern voice about Praising Jesus Christ Our Lord. I start to Praise the Inflight Drinks Trolley.

Paging Chief
Of course the airline did not notify Lusaka, where Chief is expecting to meet us, and the airport is deserted by the time we get through customs. We check into The Hotel in downtown Lusaka and ask if there are any messages. No messages. Are you sure? Chief would have looked for us here. No messages. We try calling Chief but of course his mobile is out of range and the radio phone at the project is out of order. We go out to dinner to a spanking new restaurant and eat a half kilo (each) of the finest African steak for about 4 quid. When we get back to The Hotel we are told there is a message. It’s from Chief – left much earlier that morning. Fat lot of good it is now.

The Hotel
The bathroom suite in the hotel room was probably once a fetching shade of candy pink. Now it resembles rancid marshmallow. I ignore the cockroach and the fact that the shower doesn’t work. Later I read that The Hotel is to have a US$1.5 million makeover. I think that perhaps they will change the bathroom. Then I read that renovations started three years ago.